Socialite 1.3.5

Desktop manager for Twitter, Facebook and more

Socialite is a desktop social media manager for your desktop. Manage your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reader and RSS feeds all from one interface. View full description


  • Stable
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Easy to use
  • Simple, clean interface


  • Missing some features found with online services

Very good

Socialite is a desktop social media manager for your desktop. Manage your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reader and RSS feeds all from one interface.

Socialite may be in Beta, but it feels like a very solid product. Clicking the add button allows you to choose a service to add, which requires inputting account details. After that, your chosen service will appear in the left column, and the contents will be shown in the main panel. It's very simple and clean looking, and works very well.

Some elements of all the Socialite services will open your browser, such as shared links and RSS content, but Socialite does allow you to view Facebook photos from within the application, which is quite neat. You can of course update your Twitter or Facebook status, and there's a photo uploader which works with a variety of services such as Twitpic.

The preferences give you a lot of control over how Socialite works, allowing you to set the frequency of checking your services and usage of pop up Growl messages.

No desktop app has ever quite equaled the online versions of Twitter and Facebook for functions, but Socialite does a good job. It's also great for managing multiple accounts, as you can add however many you wish, which makes especially useful for Twitter.

Socialite is a sleek, efficient social media manager, which will be a useful addition to any desktop.


  • Update for upcoming Twitter changes. Users who won’t see their Direct Messages or will get errors about them after June 30 will have to remove their Twitter service account from Socialite and authorize Socialite again. This is all because of a policy change at Twitter which now forces all the applications to specifically show to users that they will have read access to direct messages.
  • Fixed Twitter PIN auto-detection following Twitter’s layout changes.
  • Improved performance of Socialite at the end of refreshes, where it could beachball.
  • Allow creating Smart folders in any service, not only in Twitter.
  • Bug fix related to handling of removed feeds in RSS.
  • Increased database robustness. Handled some cases where database wasn’t saved between launches.
  • Added swipe (3 fingers) gestures support.
  • Swipe Right/Left to toggle conversation on selected status update.
  • Swipe Up for next unread, like hitting Space.
  • Swipe Down for previous unread, like hitting Shift-Space.
  • Major database cleanup is now done when Socialite quits. Users with big database should feel increased speed in the new version, after they quit it the first time.


Socialite 1.3.5

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    by Anthony Webster1208231024

    "No longer works with Facebook"

    Apparently doesn't work with Facebook? So its not exactly useful then....   More.